Thursday, December 17, 2015

Razor border. This image is from Nicosia, the divided capital of the divided island of Cyprus, one of the more complicated corners of the EU. Here, I am at international meeting of anthropologists, sitting at a Greek Cypriot-owned bar within the UN buffer zone, looking across the field to the northern, Turkish Cypriot part of the island, onto a neighborhood with Ottoman style architecture, influenced by British colonial times, quietly sitting on top of the old city walls built during the Lusignan period, and thickened by the Venetians. A mosaic of so much wealth of culture and history that is only partially represented in that sentence, squeezed inside the painful and sharp frame of a razor wire of division and frustration. Yet, in other parts of Europe, people are busy building more of these razor borders to keep other people out. #Cyprus #Nicosia #barbedwire #razorwire #border #UN #EU #division #blackandwhite #incagraphy #nomadinca

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