Saturday, October 31, 2015

St. George and the Dragon, or the Catalan version, Sant Jordi (he is the patron saint of Barcelona). A legend of hundreds of years old with several versions. In a nutshell: in a kingdom that is cursed by a dragon the folk have to regularly sacrifice a randomly chosen young girl to keep the dragon at bay. When the lottery picks the king's daughter the king begs for his daughter to be spared; offers his wealth and half of the kingdom but the people still send the girl to the dragon (a king's wish overruled by people?? Now, that's a legend :) ). Luckily, St. George is in the area right at that moment and he confronts and slays the dragon. Where the dragon's blood drips, a rose grows; hence on each April 23rd, the St. George's day, guys give girls roses, and girls give guys books. #Catalan #barcelona #spain #legend #stgeorge #stgeorgeanddragon #santjordi #carving #stone #stonecarving #architecture #exterior #incagraphy #nomadinca #traveling #traveldestinations

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